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The Jackson Big Rig Accessory “Bundle”.

Our Big Rigs came “shrink wrapped” in clear plastic.  When you remove the plastic, you’ll find two “items” sitting in the boat:  the Elite Seat, and the Jackson Big Rig Accessory “Bundle” (my term for the big zip lock plastic bag of goodies that come with the boat).  Here’s a picture of the contents of the bag:

Jackson Big Rig Goodie Bag


TOP: At the top is the Elite Lumbar Support.  It straps to the Elite Seat back.  It seems to be partially filled with some sort of light weight beads, and has a tube and valve assembly that allows you to blow into it to inflate the bag to vary its firmness and thickness anytime you like (as a peek forward to my “First Outing” post, this lumbar support device really works well!)

SECOND ROW: In the second row from the top, left side, is the 2007 Ram-Rod multipurpose Rod Holder and Screwball; center are the two Jackson-logo Plano Tackle Boxes that fit nicely into the recessed storage bins on the top of the boat to either side of the seat; right are the two Ram Tough Tube Rod Holders…  These install just behind the seat on either side.  They are nicely designed to hold that spinning or casting rig (even in rough water).  But (alas), they won’t be of much use to those of us who prefer to fish with fly rods :(

The black horizontal strap below the Plano Boxes is the Stand-Up Strap that attaches to a fitting on the forward center of the deck.  It’s a nice “handle” to assist in getting in an out of the seat – particularly if the seat is in the low position.

BOTTOM ROW: is the Jackson Safety Flag, Jackson-logo Nalgene Water Bottle, Jackson Window Decal, and the Elite Seatback Pouch.  The Pouch reminds me of those super lightweight laptop tote bags.  It straps (velcro) to the D rings on the back of the seat and provides some secure storage space for… whatever you want to put in it.

So, as you can see, Jackson has bundled a nice assortment of accessories with the boat.  My only disappointment with the accessory bundle is that I feel one of the three rod holders should have been a dedicated fly rod holder. (Ram makes one.)  The multipurpose 2007 Ram-Rod holder can take a fly rod, but my (limited) experience is that the staging of the rod in the cradle is a bit awkward.  I believe this boat is going to be really, really popular with fly fisherman.  About 70% of my fishing is with the fly rod.)

So, that’s it for my quick review of the Jackson Big Rig Accessory Bundle.  Thanks Jackson, for including such practical working tools and creature comforts with the boats!

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